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  • Is content exclusive to Out of Hours practice ?

No, content is not exclusive to Out of Hours practice.

A mix of acute and chronic conditions ​presents to the GP in everyday practice. covers the acute  and acute-on-chronic conditions that present both in every day GP prcatice and OOH practice, highlighting the different approach and management that constitutes best practice in both settings.


International guidelines and journal articles often refer to medication not available in Ireland. details those medications that are available in Ireland and pinpoints those medications that are not available, suggesting acceptable alternatives where possible.

Unique Irish context where applicable

Some conditions are specific to Ireland and their uniquely local features are presented (e.g. Spider Bites, Acute Contact Dermatitis from poison plants, locally predominant fungal infections, etc.)


GP locums working exclusively in OOH settings, and Salaried GPs in full time OOH practice both experience major difficulties in fulfilling the Audit portion of their annual CPD requirements in Ireland. includes a number of Audit templates that are fully compliant with CPD requirements in Ireland and are suitable for locums and salaried GPs working predominantly in OOH settings.

Core Knowledge

Regional OOH services in Ireland, as well as GP practices countrywide, frequently employ short term locums sourced from other countries. It is difficult to ascertain the prospective locum's degree of familiarity with current best practice guidelines. It is similarly difficult to ascertain the prospective locum's degree of familiarity with uniquely local legal and procedural requirements.

In the section titled Core Knowledge, presents modules containing core essential information for GP practice in Ireland. Regional OOH management can elect to recommend or demand that prospective and/or new locums employed complete one or more of these core knowledge modules. 

Content includes :

Video guides (e.g. BLS Adult, KOH preparation, Shave biopsy, etc.)

Audio sample files (e.g. Stridor, Crackles, etc)

Illustrated physiology and anatomy (e.g. Migraine, Cauda Equina, etc)

Illustrated reviews (e.g. Nail plate abnormalities, etc.)

Treatment algorithms (e.g. Sepsis, UTI in Adults under 65, etc.)

Assessment tools (e.g. Peak flow calculator, etc.)

Ireland specific reviews (e.g. Spider bites​, etc)

Ireland specific medications (e.g. Topical preparations for treating otitis externa, etc.)

Selected patient resources (e.g. Treating your infection, Feeling under the weather?, etc.)

  • Is content usable in countries other than Ireland ?

Yes, content usable in countries other than Ireland. The guidelines and best practice recommendations come from authoritative sources worldwide.

  • Where does content come from ?

The most common sources are listed in the homepage

Each topic presented is fully referenced, and the main international sources are illustrated.

  • How frequently is content Reviewed and Updated ?

The Editorial Board aims to Update content as soon as possible when new guidelines are published or existing ones are updated. 

All content is reviewed every 6 to 12 months.

  • Who serves on the Editorial Board ?

Members of the Editorial Board are listed in the Contact Us page.


About Data Protection :

  • Is personal data I provide securely stored ?

Personal data collected prior to users taking the quiz, is securely stored in an register of quiz takers which is maintained for security and verification purposes only.

The data cannot be accessed by third parties for advertising or any other purpose.

About CPD Requiremets :

  • What are the CPD requirements in Ireland ?

If you are registered on the Supervised, General or Specialist Division of the Irish Medical Council  Register, you are required to be enrolled on a Professional Competence Scheme. You must be enrolled in order to demonstrate you are actively maintaining your Professional Competence in a manner recognised by the Irish Medical Council.

When you apply to retain your registration with the Irish Medical Council, you are required to declare the name of your Professional Competence Scheme and the date you enrolled, or renewed your enrolment, on that scheme.  Failure to make this declaration will place your continuing registration at risk.

GPs in Ireland may register into a Professional Competence Scheme.either with the Irish College of General Practitioners, or with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

  • What are the CPD requirements in countries other than Ireland ?

There is some variation in national requirements worldwide. Users should refer to the requirements published by their own national  professional registering bodies and Professional Competence Schemes.


About CPD Points awarded :

  • Are the CPD points awarded recognised by the Professional Competence Schemes in Ireland ?

In Ireland, The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) and the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) manage the process of approval for live educational events. Websites and enduring educational material, including online courses, are outside this process.

Doctors can self-determine whether or not to claim CPD for engaging in an online educational activity, so the site and associated promotion material simply needs to state that the activity attracts X number of CPD credits.

Doctors should ensure a balance between CPD credits garnered from online learning and from attending live educational events

  • Are the CPD points awarded recognised by the Professional Competence Schemes in countries other than Ireland ?

Most Professional Competence Schemes worldwide accept CPD points earned from good quality professional educational websites. meets all the criteria for excellence listed in the internationally accepted American Medical Association's Guidelines for Medical and Health Information Sites on the Internet.

  • Under what category can CPD points earned be claimed in Ireland ?

Personal : eLearning if you completed the activity on your own

Internal : Practice Based Meeting if presented and discussed at a practice meeting

External : CME Small Group Meeting if presented and discussed at a regional CME meeting

External : Examination if submitted in moderation with certificate of completion of online assessment

Research/Teaching : Undergraduate Teaching if presented and discussed with a GP trainee

  • Under what category can CPD points earned be claimed in countries other than Ireland ?

There is some variation in CPD categories from country to country. .Users should refer to the definition of CPD point categories employed by their own national Professional Competence Schemes.


About CPD Certificate Security and Retrieval :

  • Can I be issued a copy of my CPD Certificates at a later date ?

A secure record is kept by of all Quiz takers and results.

Records are kept for a period of 5 years.

It is recommended that users :

- keep a printed paper copy or PDF copy of their Personalised Certificates of Completion in a safe place for a period of 5 years

- attach a copy of their certificates to their current CPD Portfolio

Users can Contact Us at to request a copy of the Personalised Certificate of Completion for any Quiz successfully completed in the previous 5 years.

The custodians of the user's Professional Competence Scheme (ICGP or RCPI in Ireland) may request proof that the user successfully completed a given Quiz in the previous 5 years.