The provisions of Part 11 of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007

came into effect on May 1st 2011

and placed a legal requirement on doctors to maintain their professional competence.


Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) recognises that locum doctors and doctors working in Out Of Hours Services              "...typically report a difficulty in achieving internal credits as well as completing an audit..."                                   


The ICGP further stipulates that :

" In terms of the audit, it does not need to be a clinical audit.

You do not have to be based in one particular practice or have your own specific patients to carry out your audit either.

Rather you should structure your audit around whatever work you are involved in.

This means your work and how you practice, the patients you see or the non-clinical role you are involved in e.g. educator, mentor or board member.

It is also acceptable to carry out a number of small audits or to undertake a number of audit cycles with one audit topic, especially for doctors who are doing recurrent short term locum."

Audit Templates


OOHCPD provides a number of Audit Templates particularly useful to those GPs who work full time in OOH services and/or locums who work briefly in a number of different OOH services locations.

The basic required sectors for the audit are prefilled :​.

  • Topic

  • Professional Competence Domains

  • Objective

  • Guidelines

  • Criteria and Targets

  • References

Auditors simply :

  • collect the data : FIRST DATA COLLECTION (practice before audit)

  • analyse and interpret it

  • decide on changes needed

  • collect the data again : SECOND DATA COLLECTION (practice after improvements implementation)

  • analyse and interpret it

  • draw conclusions from the audit

  • reflect on the audit

First and second data collections are available in :​

  • Word format

    • data is entered manually

    • results and percentage compliance with criteria and targets is calculated manually

  • Excel format

    • data is entered as "yes=1" or "no=0"

    • results and percentage compliance with criteria and targets is calculated and displayed automatically

44. dental conditions.jpg

Management of Acute Dental Pain

sore throat 7.jpg

Prescribing in Acute Sore Throat for Adults 18 and over

sore throat.jpg

Prescribing in Acute Sore Throat for children and young Adults under 18

OM 1.jpg

Prescribing in Acute Otitis Media in Children and Young Adults under 18 years

sinusitis 3.jpg

Prescribing in Acute Sinusitis for Adults 18 and over

sinus 7.png

Prescribing in Acute Sinusitis for children and Young Adults under 18


Rapid Cycle Analysis Preferred Antibiotic

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Acute Cough

UTI (lower)

Acute Prostatitis